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Is your Reddit out of control?

Get control of your Reddit account with an all in one dashboard.



The Initial Sparkle That Pushed Us

We were a couple of guys and one girl posting a bunch of things on Reddit on our normal accounts but if you get a few popular posts it just becomes a mess to manage and get back to people’s messages.

We wanted to build something as a fun project to help manage our Reddit accounts all in one place. Started on the project late last year, been working on it daily.

Coders are welcome to join the development effort,  be part of the team and contribute for a better user experience.

Created by Redditors
With Love

Focus on creating a toolset that is simple to use, can be used on all devices, and will grow in functionality over time. We welcome all input and contributions to make the toolset as relevant as possible and further improve our reddit experience.



System Components

Reddit Accounts

Manage single or multiple reddit accounts with powerful dashboard, access related information related to your reddit experience and improve communication.


Manage information related to subreddits. Keep track of the subreddits you're involved or interested in, subreddits have rules, moderators and interests, ensure you contribute in the right way to each subreddit.


Reminders can be set automatically or manually for a number of items, i.e. posts that need to be re-posted every x days, an AMA that is starting, a reminder to get back to another redditor, or a reminder to check a subreddit and more.


Templates can be used as per-prepared messages to improve response time, templates can have short, medium or long descriptions. Additionally, store response templates for each of your reddit accounts, best and fastest communication possible, save time when needing to get back to others.

Ask Me Anything

Manage your AMA posts. Don't forget all your comments, messages and upvotes with this feature. How controversial did you get?


Never again forget about other redditors. Understand the redditors with whom you are in contact with, ensure that no communication is lost. Suggestion: gild another redditor on his reddit birthday! This small gesture will make his day.


Versatile dashboard to manage posts. Save all information related to each post, store all comments and messages from other redditors, add notes to remember important issues. Powerful dashboard to help you monitor and plan re-posting for applicable subreddits, using the subreddit rules you define.


KryptKeeper is a place where you have unlimited logins for unlimited platforms for ever. A must-have for those who need to access their login details via any device. Additionally, store notes related to your logins, they may come handy.


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Feedback and redditor insights are welcome

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Welcome, I am Reddiant, look forward to working with you...


Is your Reddit out of control?

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